Monday, November 23, 2009

A Classy broad with Styles to boot

You know who has great style? Lady GaGa. But you might ask, isn't she a dude? Well I'm here to settle this misnomer once and for all. The truth? I don't know.

BUT, it is a high possibility that the rumor that Lady GaGa is a man was started by Christina Aguilera as a smear campaign against Lady GaGa with the intention of slumping her record sales.

It's a shame what pop stars will resort to these days in order to surpass the competition.

Although, I have always felt bad for Christina especially after the smear campaign Brittany Spears' started against her in the late '90's where Brittany tried to get everyone to believe that Christina was Spanish. A rumor like that will kill your career! Look what happened to Lou diamond Phillips!

I mean Brittany Spears even went as far as to CG in Christina's mouth to make it look like she's singing spanish things in some of her videos. Now CG isn't what it is today, so it's still obvious Christina isn't one bit Hispanic, thank god, but can you imagine if they did that shit today? The next Transformers movie might be entitled, "Transformers: Rise of the Machines who ride their bicycles on the sidewalk".

To prove my point, here is the actual sabotaged "Come on over" video. Just keep reminding yourself as you watch it that Christina has no ethnic credibility whatsoever, because the editing here may trick you.

My favorite part about this version? Nothing. Except for the fact that it's in a different language so it's harder to get stuck in my head. Makes me glad I got an "F minus" in Spanish when I was in high school. Beuno failure.

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